strategic investments

It is not necessary to be everywhere. But it sometimes is better to be where change is happening. We are providing you with essentially a strategic analysis on where and how to invest in China, depending on the structure and the goals of your company. Relying on a number of top advisers and many associates in several Chinese cities and regions, we aim to create a most valuable approach to your business goals in China. All requests will be handled in a thorough and discrete manner.

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These city reports have been published:

Changsha – Prime Boomtown in Southern Central China

Chengdu – The New Shanghai in China’s Interior?

Chongqing – Vibrant Powerhouse on the Upper Yangtze River

Kunming – China’s Door Opener to Southeast Asia

Lanzhou – A Phoenix Arises On the New Silk Road

Wuhan – Central China’s Megacity Expecting the Big Bang

Xi’an – Massive Build-Up at the Starting Point of the New Silk Road

Zhengzhou – Dynamic Forerunner in Northern Central China