Every region in China offers unique advantages and opportunities for your business. Where you engage will determine what results you will get, depending on who you are and on how you proceed. The better you are prepared and the more clearly your plans are defined, the brighter the outcome. Our regional experts from China Under Construction will support you by providing the best possible evaluation of your investment opportunities.

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These city reports have been published:

Changsha – Prime Boomtown in Southern Central China

Chengdu – The New Shanghai in China’s Interior?

Chongqing – Vibrant Powerhouse on the Upper Yangtze River

Kunming – China’s Door Opener to Southeast Asia

Lanzhou – A Phoenix Arises On the New Silk Road

Wuhan – Central China’s Megacity Expecting the Big Bang

Xi’an – Massive Build-Up at the Starting Point of the New Silk Road

Zhengzhou – Dynamic Forerunner in Northern Central China