market analysis

The Chinese market is huge and full of opportunities. But decisions and strategic planning need to be strongly grounded in knowledge. Our main strength is providing you with top strategic analysis.

We are here to serve your interest in China. Whether you would like to know about the prospects of your company in a specific business sector in China or you are looking for an evaluation of how a specific product of yours may succeed on the local markets: We are prepared to analyze this matter for you. If you are unsure to which city, province, or region you should extend your business or start it, we are happy to offer you in-depth counsel in this respect.

China Under Construction (CUC) relies on a network of top quality advisers in China. We are filtering and structuring existing data and assess specialists’ opinions and recommendations. An exact and valuable approach that fits the specific goals of your request will be the outcome. Optimal and customized solutions are going to boost your business.