city reports

In recent years, a tremendous shift in China’s economic structure has been taken place. While the coastal provinces are structurally upgrading their economies, the country’s interior has become much hotter recently. This process was driven by the relocation of headquartes of influential companies looking for lower labor and manufacturing costs. Here, far from the seashore, staggering growth rates outshine the formerly coastal boomtowns.

Special opportunities are just around the corner, as an overwhelming wave of new powerhouses in the country’s vast interior is emerging. The importance of cities like Chengdu, Kunming, or Xi’an is increasing massively. Our city reports’ aim is to make you aware of this crucial change by equipping you with some essential information about a handful of cities that soon could become your choice of investment.

Our profound knowledge of China’s central and western regions has quickly made us aware of the underlying change that is going on. We have observed the transformation for many years and could clearly identify a number of highly attractive boomtowns that we would like to present to you.

Changsha – Prime Boomtown in Southern Central China

Chengdu – The New Shanghai in China’s Interior?

Chongqing – Vibrant Powerhouse on the Upper Yangtze River

Kunming – China’s Door Opener to Southeast Asia

Lanzhou – A Phoenix Arises On the New Silk Road

Wuhan – Central China’s Megacity Expecting the Big Bang

Xi’an – Massive Build-Up at the Starting Point of the New Silk Road

Zhengzhou – Dynamic Forerunner in Northern Central China