China City Reports

In recent years, a key shift in China’s economic structure has taken place. While coastal regions predominantly keep upgrading their place in the value chain, many companies have relocated their businesses to the country’s interior that offers lower labor and manufacturing costs. Here, staggering growth rates outshine the formerly coastal boomtowns.

Our profound knowledge of the central and western regions of China has quickly made us aware of the change that is going on. We have observed the transformation of China’s interior for many years now and we clearly have identified a list of boomtowns that we want to especially recommend to you, as you consider (re)locating your business in China. 

All of those cities are outside the three economic core regions of China (Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and Bohai Economic Rim) which we will also examine carefully later this year. For an overview and a first insight, please read through our city reports. For any request, please just contact us; we are happy to assist you with information.