CUC Business Services

We offer excellent consulting services to those who are already engaged in China as well as to enterprises that are considering to enter this huge and multi-faceted market. Growth perspectives in East Asia have changed fundamentally. Therefore, we are focusing especially on aspects of change in China’s complex economic development.

Boosting your chances for success by providing you with accurate information and strong strategic advice is our prime goal. Our strong expertise on the specific economic foundations, local trends, and regional differences in China enables us to optimally support our clients.

We believe that clear-cut and profound examination provides you with an optimal base for decision-making. Knowing how and where to invest optimally, will be crucial to your success on the Chinese market. When you are considering to extend your business scope or thinking about in which city, province, or region you should start with or go next – we are happy to offer you in-depth counsel in this respect.

China Under Construction relies on a network of top quality advisers in China. We are filtering and structuring existing data, assess opinions and recommendations of those who are specialists in their fields, and thereby we are creating an exact and valuable approach that fits the specific goals of your request.