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Having an idea where to invest best is crucial for any economic success in China. We offer excellent business information and consulting services to those who consider doing business in China. Strategic analysis is at the core of any major entrepreneurial decision. China Under Construction (CUC) – the business consulting branch of ITC International – informs you about what to expect in the main growth-driving economic hot spots, supporting your company in making optimal investment decisions.

Growth perspectives in East Asia have changed fundamentally. Traditionally strong players of light and heavy industry are strengthening their production base to meet the upcoming challenges. With fast pace, many Chinese enterprises are transforming themselves, climbing up the value chain. And while the economic structure is getting more and more diverse, it’s becoming more important than ever to know where exactly your company might engage in China.

In today’s complex economic situation, we stand out by our focus on crucial aspects of change and opportunity. A country huge and diverse like a continent, a business culture that has blended in eastern and western approaches to create new virtues, a tricky market, and hundreds of vibrant metropolises to invest in make orientation quite difficult. To filter out where and how you should expand the scope of your business, you need a solid overview and excellent recommendations.

At first, we would like to suggest taking a look at our city reports. They will give you a glimpse of what is currently going on in China, a country „under construction“ and an economy that is still offering many great investment destinations yet to be discovered by international business people.